Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Travelling on the Cheap

Travel writer Arthur Frommer advises travellers that The less you spend, the more you enjoy. Why? Because the travel experience is more authentic, more relaxed and you are more likely to meet locals. For example, while staying at a Gaucho ranch called Panagea near Tacuarembó, Uruguay, I had the opportunity to learn about life in rural Uruguay by herding sheep and cattle alongside the ranchers.
Would you ever consider biking across Africa from Cairo to Capetown? Tour d'Afrique, based in Toronto plans epic rides around the world. Here is a Lonely Planet video of the first leg of the trip. In many countries bicycles are the most appropriate means of transportation because they don't require expensive fuel and they can be adapted to carry heavy loads or serve as an ambulance.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Welcome to English 102

In this course we explore the English language by reading about and discussing issues and practices related to languages around the world and the cultures they represent. Get ready for the adventure!

We will also be using a collaborative blog where you are invited to write posts and leave comments.

To find out a bit about your experience with technology and social media, please fill out this survey if you study at ENA and this one if you are a student in Longueuil.